Sketch Writing
Level One: Character Development with Showcase

This is a great class for writers, actors and improvisers.

The class will begin by teaching students the basics of humor writing. Next students will create their own comedic characters according to the guidelines of comic perspective, flaws, humanity and exaggeration. With their arsenal of newly-minted comic characters, students will write SNL-worthy comedy sketches! There will be a class showcase where both character monologues and comedy sketches are performed.

An engaging, positive and constructive writing environment helps students build confidence.

  • Class 1: Introduction to Humor Writing
  • Class 2: What is a comic Character? What is a comic monologue?
  • Class 3: Comic Premise and Non-Hero
  • Class 4: Workshop Monologues
  • Class 5: Components of a Sketch
  • Class 6: The Comic Throughline
  • Class 7: Workshop Sketches
  • Class 8: Workshop Sketches

  • When
    Every Saturday, starting April 25. 2020 from 12-15
    Duration: 8 weeks (24 hours)

    Class and price
    Students: Max. 8
    Price: kr. 1800,- incl. VAT (moms)



    Send us a message via Facebook to enroll.