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Copenhagen Comedy Academy

Has classes on everything from writing sets, understanding and finding your comedic voice to creating quick, sharp and audacious sketch comedy.

Our strength is our ability to break down the art
of comedy into a science, imparting successful
comedy writing techniques and structures to the classes in an inspiring, encouraging and high-energy performance style.

Upcoming Classes

Copenhagen Comedy Academy has teamed up with Knock Knock Comedy Club

To provide an even better class, we have teamed up with Knock Knock Comedy Club.

All classes take place at the comedy club and end in a 5 min showcase at a comedy show special made for the class.

(It is of course totally up to you if you want to go on stage.)

Stand-Up Comedy Beginner with Showcase

Thinking of trying stand-up comedy? Or want to take your stand-up to the next level?
Then this 6-week course is for you!

Class start: Jul 31. 2022
(Sun 12-15)

Teambuilding Event

Stand-up Comedian for a day
Honest engagement. Interaction. Connection.

Stand-up comedians demonstrate a truly amazing skill-set. Comedians are courageous, inventive, engaging, and daring. They expose themselves and their vulnerability, and the source of their comedy is themselves and their lives. They are incredible communicators.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be inspired by them to apply some of these attributes at will in your life and work?
Take a break from daily activities and reinvest in your team's success in this inspiring and fun team building event. Team members will learn the basics of comedy, joke structures, and use their unique perspectives and life stories to create and perform their own set on the very same day!

A great opportunity to draw out lessons to use in personal and professional development on building relationships and making connections with people, gaining confidence and developing creativity. And of course have a lot of fun!

Events will be directed by our professional comedy teachers and can last from two hours to full days - we tailor it to your goals and occasion.

Contact us for further details - we're here to answer all your questions.


Founder of Copenhagen Comedy Academy
Christine began her journey into theatre by taking a Shakespearean acting class in college. But the balcony scene just wasn’t the same with an American mid-west accent, so she switched to Improv.

Christine moved to Los Angeles and began taking Improv classes at the Groundlings. Improv was a gateway to the good stuff…sketch writing! She enrolled in the writing program at iOWest which gave her a solid foundation in sketch comedy. Christine wrote and performed in her own sketch show before becoming a weekly contributor to iOWest’s Sunday news show.

Writing a sketch a week was great training for other literary endeavors. Christine realized that a novel is a comedic character placed in a series of sketches called ‘chapters.’ It took Christine three months to write her first novel sans editing. She has written two more, with a fourth coming out soon.

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